EMC Aviators' Club


The EMC Aviators Club has been promoted by Andy Marvin and Antonio Orlandi

To be part of the Club one should be involved in EMC, have a pilot's license (power or gliding) and a wish to share your adventures and pictures with others.

EMC refers to the science of Electromagnetic Compatibility which is the design of electronic systems so that they will not cause electromagnetic interference in other electronic systems and will not be susceptible to interference caused by these other systems

You can use the club web site to post pictures or links to your own sites.

You can arrange to share flights with other EMC people when travelling to meetings or conferences.

We will arrange informal meetings at the main EMC conferences, probably over lunch or an evening beer or wine.

There is no membership fee. Simply send your profile details and any pictures (please use standard format and small dimensions) to Antonio at antonio.orlandi@univaq.it



During the Symposium the EMC Aviators have met for the first time.

Andy M., Antonio O. and Ghery P. went flying over Ohau, Molokai and the Big Islands. Look at the pictures  HERE

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 IEEE EMC SYMPOSIUM

During the Symposium the EMC Aviators have met. Look at the pictures HERE


We look forward to fly in Colorado !!!


The EMC Aviators' Club is proud to announce that:

·         Ghery S. Petitt  is the PAST PRESIDENT of the IEEE EMC Society

·         Andy Marvin has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow of the IEEE


Andy Marvin
Professor of Applied Electromagnetics, University of York

Gliding  FAI Silver 'C' certificate. British Gliding Association Full Rated Instructor
Flies from York Gliding Centre, Rufforth Airfield, York, UK   http://www.yorkglidingcentre.co.uk
Currently has  a share in a Standard Cirrus.
Contacts tel +44 1904 432342 ,   acm@ohm.york.ac.uk   http://www.elec.york.ac.uk/staff/academic/acm.html  (click on my name for gliding)

Antonio Orlandi
Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of L'Aquila

Flies from URBE airport (LIRU), via Salaria 825, Rome, Italy  http://www.aerotechroma.com/

Hope to become someday a VFR FI
Contacts tel +39-0862-434432 ,   antonio.orlandi@univaq.it  http://


Clayton R. Paul
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mercer University, USA
Emeritus Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA

He died in June 2012 after a long illnes

Our condolence to Carol and friends.

Ghery S. Pettit

EMC Regulatory Compliance Manager, Intel Corporation

Private Pilot, Airplane, Single Engine, Land, Instrument Airplane (PP-ASEL  IA). I fly out of KOLM (Olympia Regional Airport, Olympia, Washington) Center O Flying Club. 4 airplanes in the club.  C-172N, C-172P, C-182P and PA-28R-200

Contacts:  ghery.pettit@intel.com or +1 253 371-5515



John Howard

John and two friends were killed whilst flying his Beechcraft Bonanza over Colorado on the 4th August 2010.

The probable cause report of the incident is available.
Our condolences go to John's family and friends.


David A. Larrabee

Professor in the Physics Department, East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, USA. Private Pilot Single Engine Land and Glider but currently inactive. Learned to fly gliders in graduate school at Grund Field outside of Ithaca NY (Cornell) (see picture).  When I left school I flew out of Somerset Airport with Aero club Albatross and eventually with the club at located at Princeton University’s airport.  I continued to fly until I bought a house (more useful but a lot less fun).  I also transitioned to power and bought a 1946 Aeronca Champ with a partner.  I do want to get back into soaring (when I have lost some weight…) and I wouldn’t mind getting another taildragger….

 Contacts: musiclab@ptd.net


Richard Perdriau

Associate Professor in Electronic Engineering at ESEO (Graduate Engineering School, Angers, France).

PPL/A, SEP (French "TT" private pilot license obtained in 1997 and converted in 2011). FCL 1.028 English VFR rating (level 6). Ground instructor, also teaches aeronautics in a high school (French "BIA" entry-level degree in aeronautics). Hopes to become a VFR volunteering instructor and to pass the instrument rating. Flies from Angers-Marcé Flying Club (http://www.aeroclubangers.fr/) on Angers-Marcé airport (LFJR), currently C172SP (180HP) and PA28-160. Used to fly PA28-180, PA28-R180, DR400-180, Grumman Tiger and Mooney 201. 12 hours on R22 and B206 but never finished PPL/H. Maybe some day ... .


Contacts : richard.perdriau@eseo.fr or +33 2 41 86 67 03


Michael Hatfield

EMC Engineer

FAA Private Pilot, SEP, Glider. Currently flying Grob 103, ASK-21 and SGS 1-36  With the Skyline Soaring Club in Front Royal VA. He is also building a MONI Motor Glider. Michael's youngest son Ryan (18 years old) passed FAA flight test for Private Glider rating last month.

Contacts: 107 Sussex St, Fredericksburg,  VA  22405, phone  540-371-4741

Jeremy B. Campbell

Power Electronics and EMC Engineer

FAA Private Pilot, SEP.

Contacts: jeremy.campbell@gm.com, phone:   +1-310-626-5115

Liuji R. Koga


Professor Emeritus, Okayama Universit, japan.


Private Pilot, Glider. Around 40 hours on gliders and 10 hours on C172.

President of [NPO]Okayama Association for Sports Aviation The association comprises "Kansai Aerosports Club", which possesses Discus, Pilatus B-4, Blanik L-23, G109, and Falke25C.

Home Airport:"Oku Glider Port"; Tower: "OKU FLIGT SERVICE,137.775MHz".


Contacts: koga@ieee.org,  phone/FAX:   +81-86-253-7509



last mod.: August 3rd, 2012


Antonio and his younger daughther Cecilia during her first fly on I-AMAB, a C150. We are at 2000 ft on LIRU ATZ.

Winter waves arrived over Yorkshire. Picture taken by Andy in a DG505 with 20m wings at 10400 feet.

Ghery, Antonio (front seats), Andy and Richard (back seats) on I-AINA a C-172, 6500 ft on the way from LIRU to LIAP in a break of EMC EUROPE 2012.

On APRON at LIAP. From left to right: I-AINA, Antonio, Richard, Andy and Ghery.

Top Gun Andy ready for a ride in a RAF Tucano: York to Scotland at low level (250 ft and down to 100ft over the hill crests - 240kts) and 5G in aerobatics on the way home. Ninety minutes flight time.

Andy on the RAF Tucano  going round a turning point, the lake, in a 3G turn and he couldn't quite get the camera held high enough!

The Victory flight: Jeremy (our new member) and his wife the day he got the PPL


Ghery and Andy during a break at EMC EUROPE 2011 in York (GB)


Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu visited us at the UAq EMC Lab. Toghether in Terni after an enjoyable flight on I-SMAU a C172


Antonio G. and Antonio O. on I-AINA, C172, north of LIRU


Tzong-Lin, his wife Judy and Antonio O. heading LIRU at 3500 ft amsl at north of Rome's area


Fabio, a TLC collegue, has tried to "convert" me: and he was almost successful.

Richard reporting final on a night landing at Angers airport


Richard on a C172SP, on the flight to Ussel (LFCU)


Andy ... from a glider to a ..... fighter of the Yorkshire Squadron.


Andy and Antonio at Terni airfield, ready to take off on I-IAHA (Socata TB9) heading LIRU (Rome Urbe).


The RAF Shorts Turcano training aircraft had a complete  engine failure and dropped in. It managed to avoid people and gliders on
the runway but overshot the runway end as it arrived rather hard and burst both main wheel tyres thus reducing its braking efficiency. No
injuries and it will be flown out.
Both instructor and pupil were given out standard certificate for
completing a trial glider flight at Andy's glider club.

David L. took this picture of Sommerset Airport (NJ) in the way back from Oshkosh on his 1946 Aeronca Champ. 


Antonio flying a P66C (Partenavia, 160 HP) over Rome's countryside.


Francesco (just come back from MS&T -former UMR- EMC Lab) and Antonio flying I-IADT a P66C (Partenavia, 160 HP).


Ghery sitting on a Piper Arrow after landing at KPUW (Pullman-Moscow airport, Pullman, Washington).


In memory of John Howard. John flying his Bonanza - a great plane!


Mike (7), Anna (5) and Antonio on I-IAHA. The first time of Anna !!

Mike, now 11, and Antonio on I-AINA, a C-172.


Andy on the instructor's seat of a Grob Accro III ...

.... and looking his new Standard Cirrus

Top of a loop in a DG505 over Andy' airfield.


Clayton and Antonio after an Aereobatic mission.


A wonderful landscape west of York at 3000 ft


Landing at LIRU (Rome Urbe) for runway 16 on a TB9 Socata


Rome seen from 2000 ft, heading 190°. In the back ground the dome of St. Peter, the Olympic Stadium. In the foreground the river Tiber and, on the left, the 34-16 runway of LIRU.


The Campus of York University from 4000 ft: the shadow of the thermal cloud is on the left.


A hangar for locomotives near Brive (LFBC) runway. No, these aren't model trains !